who speaks for you?

Every two years you have the privilege and responsibility of voting. In between votes, you have people who speak for you. In Washington you have two members of the Senate who speak for you and one member of the House of Representatives. Here's how to find them. Then call them, email them, send them letters… Continue reading who speaks for you?

trying not to be a conspiracy theorist

Conspiracy theorists during the Obama administration were crazy making. So I'm trying to not be one of them now. But it's hard. The new administration is doing crazy things, unprecedented things, scary things. Yonatan Zunger is much smarter than me and much more educated in the ways of politics and government. He sheds light on… Continue reading trying not to be a conspiracy theorist

there is hope

Amidst the crazy, we all need some hope. Elliott Cohen, while not painting a picture of sunshine and rainbows, offers a picture that is not despairing. Read his story here. There is nothing great about the America that Trump thinks he is going to make; but in the end, it is the greatness of America… Continue reading there is hope

do something, don’t do everything

The last week has been exhausting and overwhelming. With the onslaught of attacks on our civil liberties and ascension to power by people many of us find frightening, it's hard to keep our eyes on the ball. Or even to know which ball is 'the' ball. And I believe that this is a deliberate ruse to… Continue reading do something, don’t do everything

8 years

8 years ago I started writing a holiday card that tries to capture our family at a moment in time.  Here they are all in one place.  I’m putting them together partly because I’ve always wanted to see them in one place.  And partly because I’m starting to write this year’s card and wanted a… Continue reading 8 years

22 months

It's been nearly two years since Dad died, a lot longer since Mom died, and a lifetime since my little sister died.  A couple of therapists and a few grief groups later I've finally sorted through all of the charts that describe the cycle of grief, the poems that are supposed to help, and the… Continue reading 22 months

words with friends as prompt

My cousin and I have been occasionally writing stories using the boards we create with our words with friends games.  This is a story written in the style of "the onion" (which won't take my unsolicited manuscript according to their website.....such a bummer). If you want to try it and have your story posted, send… Continue reading words with friends as prompt